Bathurst Wellness is located in Elgin Mills and Bathurst, in the heart of Richmond Hill. With experienced therapists and specialist practitioners, we have been providing insurance covered paramedical services includes the modern and traditional Massage Therapist. Our results speak for themselves, having collectively treated and trained numerous clients with our professional team.



Alireza Saeedi Physiotherapist

Alireza Saeedi


Ali graduated from Iran Medical Sciences University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. He completed the Master of Sports Injuries and Corrective Exercises program with a focus on exercise therapy and posture at the University of Tehran in 2009. Ali completed the Doctorate of Physiotherapy program at the University of Michigan in 2018. In addition to academic education, Ali continues to update his practice with the most recent evidence-based treatment protocols by taking several courses such as McKenzie Level A for the lumbar spine, back pain, hips and knees, Lumbopelvic Complex, Kinesiotaping, vestibular and temporomandibular joint (jaw) rehabilitation and cereal headaches, cognitive behavioral therapy, mind fullness, medical neuroscience, and orthopedic manual therapy. He is an Impact Trained Physiotherapist and provides physiotherapy treatment for concussion clients. Ali is a Certified Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Release (M2T-Blade) practitioner. He is also an advanced soft tissue release specialist ( ASTRs) which helps him to find and release the adhesions and muscle spasms. Besides providing several workshops about posture, back care, and jaw pain, Ali has also published four books in the field of exercise therapy in the Persian language. When he is not in the clinic Ali enjoys music, soccer, photography, and nature.

Dr. John Filo

Dr. John Filo


Dr. John Filo is a licensed Chiropractor registered with the College of Chiropractors of Ontario. He has been practicing for nearly 20 years in private practice focusing on wellness and pain management. His technique is classical chiropractic combining diversified and Gonstead style adjusting. He has extensive clinical experience with mechanical low back pain, neck pain, and cranial misalignments. Dr. John treats patients suffering from chronic and acute type conditions related to the spine, hips, and extremities. He is also trained in the functional cranial release which is an endonasal balloon technique used for the treatment of chronic cranial misalignments due to concussion or head trauma. He has a passion for spirituality and is a certified meditation coach. He regularly teaches samadhi meditation workshops and Vedanta to groups as well as one-on-one with clients. Dr. John Filo currently lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario with his wife and three daughters.

Dr. Philip

Dr. Philip


Philip has twenty years of clinical experience in a wide range of presenting foot conditions. He is currently contracted to serving several Long Term care facilities which have enabled him to deal with Geriatric foot conditions, such as Diabetic and wound-related issues. Philip has always had an avid interest in sports medicine which was his initial reason for becoming a Foot Specialist. Since he was a child he has been running marathons, including the New York Marathon, and experimenting with a wide range of sports-related devices and orthotic types. Working with the running community is his passion. Many of his patients also include children who may be experiencing foot pain due to genetic/gait challenges. In fact, 2 of his own children wear his orthotics. Philip is a happily married family man with a devoted wife and 4 beautiful children, one of whom has special needs.​Philip graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1989 followed by an intensive 4-year podiatry degree, graduating in 1993 and was also awarded an honors degree in Podiatric Science through the University of Brighton, England in 1993. He was a member of faculty at the School of Chiropody at the Michener Institute, Toronto as well as a clinical supervisor in the Faculty of Health, Podiatry Department at Alexandra Health Centre, South Africa.

Vanessa Zhang

Massage Therapist

 Vanessa realized that she wanted to play a role in helping people to recover from injuries, reduce pain, relieve frustration, and enable them to take control of their healing process. In addition to Swedish, Thai, and Ayurvedic massage, she also performs pregnancy massages, massages for children, and Foot Reflexology. Her hands-on session combines Swedish and deep tissue techniques with acupressure, stretching, and trigger-point release. Sessions are always customized to fit the client’s needs and tolerances. Her hands-on session combines Swedish and deep tissue techniques with acupressure, stretching, and trigger-point release. Sessions are always customized to fit the client’s needs and tolerances. Sessions are always customized to fit the client’s needs and tolerances.

Xiang Wu

Massage Therapist

Xiang Wu is knowledgeable in a range of different techniques such as: Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Myofasical release, Joint mobilization, Remedial exercise, Manual lymphatic drainage and trigger point therapy. He has been working at the rehabilitation centre with our team of various health professionals to help him gains a lot of clinical experience. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and massage techniques to deliver effective, individualized treatment.

Dong Li Massage therapist

Dong Li

Massage therapist

Dong Li has more than 7 years of clinical experience in treating a variety of conditions in rehab and helping to provide effective treatment and motivate clients to achieve their treatment goals. Her deep tissue massage and Swedish massage techniques are effective in pain relief and relaxation. Her passion for the massage therapy industry is reflected in the successful outcomes of her patients’ needs. She continuously upgrades her level of knowledge and ability in the health care field making her a key asset to anyones’ rehabilitative needs

Yun Feng Wang Acupunturist

Yun Feng Wang


Yun Feng Wang has been in practice for over 30 years. His patient base has included: men, women, and children of all ages. Whether you are trying to reduce your pain, return to sport or just relax tense muscles. He utilizes knowledge gained from his graduate courses in medical acupuncture, Cupping, Chinese Tuina massage, Guasha, and joint mobilization to help patients get out of pain naturally and off pain meds. He has been keeping passion in the field and believes that the clients well being is the most important thing.

I had a 60 minute massage with Fong today. She was incredible! She knew where all my problem areas were and her technique was amazing. Monica the receptionist was very sweet and accommodating as well. Great clinic and amazing service; keep up the great work everyone!

Silivia Sulaiman

I had a great experience in Bathurst wellness. The staff members are really polite, understanding, and helpful. They are knowledgeable and act in a professional manner towards the clients. The services provided here are great. I would recommend them to anyone, especially massages!


I went there weekly as a regular routine now. Both massage therapists Vanessa and Fong are very professional and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend this place to all my friends if they are looking for a RMT.





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